Bolivar 108 Edicion Regional Espana 2010

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Bolivar 108 Edicion Regional Espana 2010

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Corona Gorda 143 x 46
Packaging: Numbered Dress Box of 10 cigars (4,000 made)


in 2010, Habanos S.A. released an Edición Regional
that commemorated the 108th anniversary of the Bolívar brand, which was founded in 1902
this production was extremely limited and exclusive, (only 4.000 boxes of 10 cigars)


the special feature of this cigar, is that in addition to the typical characteristics of the brand
presents an amazing fruitiness which is a little unusual for the pallet of Bolivar
with refreshing lemon pie notes taking over dominance in the profile


the sense is exceedingly creamy overall, along with mocha coffee and grassy notes
while other notes of leather, chocolate, cinnamon, black pepper, earth, barnyard and hay, flit in and out

today, this nine-year vintage corona gorda is in the perfect condition
offering an outstanding unforgettable smoke…

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Re: Bolivar 108 Edicion Regional Espana 2010

Δημοσίευση από Tournesol » Πέμ Νοέμ 28, 2019 2:07 pm

Holy cow! Was not aware of this gem :shock:
Unyielding force of thought and spirit, shine!

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