Juan Lopez Chiado 1864 ER Portugal 2014

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Juan Lopez Chiado 1864 ER Portugal 2014

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Juan Lopez Chiado 1864 ER Portugal 2014
LCD suleygiannis

Reddish in colour and delightfully fragrant on the cold side. The draw is loose, too loose tbh. But it does bring out some hay and this cellar or dried mushrooms-like vintage flavour. Well, it was rolled almost 6 years ago...

This stubby chap has some girth into it. The spices are really kicking in from the first few puffs. Some sourdough bread in there, together with ginger and a hint of cardamom.

The draw keeps being too loose, so I’m dialling my puffs back a notch. I reached the first third really quick. It ain’t a big/long smoke but it has a story to tell.

Half way though and things get creamier. Cafe latte with chocolate sprinkles, salty peanuts and loads more hay. I paired it with a dram of Kilchoman 100% Islay, ‘cause I was curious of how much this could turn things around. And indeed it did! The peat was a good match and helped bring out those heavier leather notes, along with bitter chocolate and dark roasted coffee beans.

Bread crust with loads of salt and something sweeter like peanut butter, is there to draw the curtains and bring this play to the end.

I smoked it ‘till I got me fingers burned. And boy oh boy, me liked it loads.

Yanni, I am grateful pal! 8-)
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