Cohiba Siglo V

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Cohiba Siglo V

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Dalias 170 x 43
VSLB 25, CP 3 a/t
Released 1994


it’s a Dalia, it’s a Cohiba, and it’s a vintage, what more is there to ask?
the way to El Dorado lies ahead of you and the ticket is in your hands:
a perfectly aged cigar, full of stardust and entrancement


it starts elegantly with cocoa powder, grass and biscuit
until the Cuban Mighty Alchemist unfolds one by one its aces in the hole
chocolate, vanilla, roasted nuts, velvety wood, soft leather, gentle spice
aromatic coffee, mocha and hints of flowers


as the ash gets longer, the cigar’s body becomes fuller and paves the way to the stars
offering a plethora of aromas with a roasted and creamy profile into a changing sweet and salty tempo
during a heretic crescendo of passion and an absolute smoking salacity

a starship, a miracle, an undeniable Cuban top…

captain έφυγες νωρίς...
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Re: Cohiba Siglo V

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Cohiba Siglo V | JMZ DIC 04 | LCD Τάκης

I must admit, I never was a big fan of the marca. You hardly get what you pay for and the whole thing is just overrated.

Ohh but this one...

Kindly given to me by Τάκης a couple months ago, during a gathering of our group. This 14-year-old Dahlia (JMZ DIC 04) looked so sexy, wearing its dark brown and super oily capa. It looked and smelled gorgeous, full of flowers and cugarcane. Candy floss and mild spices was what came out during the first cold draws.

So full of leather and spices on the first third. Sweet and slightly bitter intro, with some grapefruing, almond creme and a touch of lime zest. Those spicy notes had shifted up a notch on that second third, together with even more almond, ground walnut and a sweetness from roasted chestnuts. Final third was intense, with espresso dominating the game till the end.

I did not want this smoke to end. It's been years and years I had such a lovely Cohiba. That Siglo V would make any Talisman run away in tears.


A massive thanks to Τάκης

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, to all aficionados enjoying their holiday smokes out there.

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